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Foaming Devices for High Pressure Cleaning Industry

Kothar foaming devices are offered in 3 ranges. Air Foaming systems, Injectors and Foamlances.

The air foaming systems range consist of the trademark systems Turn&Clean and EasyFoamer.

  • Turn&Clean is a centralized cleaning system / satellite system for open plant cleaning
  • EasyFoamer a small foaming device where water, chemical and air come together to create foam

In the injector range Kothar offers traditional downstream chemical injectors and small injectors.

Kothar foam lances are all made of stainless steel and are easy to keep clean, excellent for use in the food industry.

Check the product pages for specifications of your desired products. Use the contact form on the product page to get in touch and ask any questions you have.

Air Foaming System


Air foaming system is a system designed to automatically mix water, chemicals and air with a preset dosing. We have two different systems: EASY FOAMER: is more portable and has a selection of one chemical or clean rinsing water. TURN & CLEAN: is a centralized system, which is mounted on the wall. It has a selection of 3 chemicals and clean rinsing water. Both systems are specifically designed for the food industry but can be used for car wash and other industrial use.



The injector is a venturi system. It doses water, chemicals and air through differently sized orifices.

Foam Lances


The foam lance is a device that distributes the foam in an efficient way. There are two types: Open pipe with a nozzle, and Dynamic foam lance with an air injector.
80 flow 1.8mm 10L/M
90 2.2 mm 12L/M
210 60°c 100L/M
220 80°c 200L/M
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