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Kothar | 18 February 2012
Kothar news: don’t miss it!
The Kothar logo.
The Kothar logo.
Kothar, your reliable partner under pressure, is happy to announce its latest web feature. From now, you can continuously stay up-to-date with anything related to Kothar and its wide range of products, such as swivels, valves, foaming devices or car wash booms, via the newly released online news roll.

Our newsroll will not exclusively focus on business, but also on specific events of relevance to Kothar. In addition, you will get to know more about the staff working at Kothar, and the community of people who in one way or another are involved with the company. Brief: Team Kothar.

The news roll has been programmed and developed by our team of experts, which has done a marvelous job, indeed.

So, stay tuned for more news from Team Kothar!