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Kothar | 03 June 2013
NEW Unloader Valves
New unloader valves.
New unloader valves.

Long awaited but finally here!

After a long period of designing and testing, Kothar is proud to introduce their completely new stainless steel unloader valve.

The unloader valve has the distinct features that Kothar's design is known for.

- Durable; Completely in stainless steel
- Long Lifetime; The plunger of the check valve is made of PEEK and rests on a SS seat for long lifetime
- Very easy to service. Cylinder not incorporated in the body, but screw in screw out. Replace the whole cylinder and spring without detaching the unloader from the machine.

At introduction available as a full option 3/8" model. Bypass holes on both sides and a connection for a manometer. A selection of 3 springs is offered to suit the desired operating pressure; 150, 200 or 250BAR.

The introduction of a simple 3/8" model, with only 1 bypass hole and no manometer connection, is planned for later this year. Likewise the introduction of a 1/2" model.

Check the product page of the unloader valves for more information, pictures and drawings on all available models.

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