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Kothar | 15 April 2015
Pneumatic Regulator Valves
Kothar Pneumatic Regulator Valves
Kothar Pneumatic Regulator Valves
After expanding the line of high flow regulator valves in 2013 with a new 1” and 1 ¼” model we have launched their pneumatic counterparts in silence last year. We now take the opportunity to put them in the spotlights.

These pneumatic regulators share their lower bodies and inner parts with their spring operated counterparts. These 1” and 1 ¼” valves are thus capable of handling 260 and 390 litres a minute and ensure the same long lifetime and easy maintenance.

In these pneumatic regulators the spring operated top is replaced by an inventive pneumatic head with multiple stages. These stages make high pressures possible with relatively low air pressure. They can operate over 200BAR’s of pressure with as little as 6 BAR in air pressure.

These valves are standard delivered with 4 stages.
When used for lower pressures it’s recommended to remove 1 stage and use a set-up of 3. A small increase of air pressure then means a smaller increase of pressure. Making it easier to set it up.

The pneumatic regulators are excellent for use in PLC controlled systems or systems with automated cleaning cycles. They can for example be used to ensure a “soft start” on the pump, give different pressures during various automated cleaning programmes or be used to keep a system pressure constant when a burner is used to create hot water.

For more details about these valves visit the product page or contact us.