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Part number: 200 032 710
Flow range: 4 - 15 L/M
Inlet port: 3/8" BSP
Outlet port: 1/2" BSP
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Common specifications
Maximum temperature: 80°C
Pressure range: 20 - 150 bar
Dimensions: 120 mm x 75 mm
Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Easy Foamer is a portable foaming device designed for food industry, car washes, and industrial cleaning, where foam is used to improve the cleaning results
  • Easy Foamer is a foaming device that is very easy to use. When water is applied, easy foamer combines air, chemical and water. The required chemical concentration can be preset with 8 different orifices
  • Easy Foamer is connected to pressured supply of water and air. The outlet is connected to a 1/2" hose with a foam lance
  • Easy Foamer is very convenient to use. It is hand-held device that can be used virtually anywhere. The only requirement is presence of water, air, and chemical connections
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