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Part number: 200 034 570
Flow: 8 L/M
Nozzle Orifice: 1.2 mm
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Chemical Injector: Chemical injector is fitted with dosing valve. Dosing can be adjusted with the needle. Simple pump discharge line installation.
Selection: Select a chemical injector that meets the flow requirements of the system.
Installation: Fixed chemical injector should be mounted downstream from the system regulating device.
Operation: Chemical injector designed to draw chemical only under low pressure. It shoud be used with a dual lance fitted with a low and high pressure nozzle and foam lance. When chemical is needed, the system must be switched over to low pressure.
Common specifications
Barb hose: 1/4"
Maximum temperature: 90°C
Max. pressure: 200 bar
Inlet port: 3/8" BSP
Discharge port: 3/8" BSP
Weight: 240 g
Dimensions: 75 mm x 24 mm x 55 mm
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