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Part number: 200 034 740
Flow: 18 L/M
Nozzle Orifice: 2.1 mm
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Chemical Injector: Dosing is set by a restriction in the inlet side. A set of restrictions is delivered with each chemical injector. Dosing can be adjusted by changing the size of the restriction.
Selection: Select a chemical injector that meets the flow requirements of the system.
Installation: Fixed chemical injector should be mounted downstream from the system regulating device.
Operation: Venturi style chemical injector, draws in chemical by pressure drop. Pressure after the injector is lower than inlet pressure. Too much back pressure after the injector causes that the injector won’t draw chemical.

Fit with a dynamic foam lance when used with a foaming chemical.
Common specifications
Barb hose: 1/4"
Maximum temperature: 90°C
Max. pressure: 200 bar
Inlet port: 3/8" BSP
Discharge port: 3/8" BSP
Weight: 490 g
Dimensions: 75 mm x 38 mm x 80 mm
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