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Part number: 100 070 055
Flow range: 0 - 35 L/M
Bypass port: 3/8" BSP
Inlet port: 3/8" BSP
Printable version: (1.1 Mb)
  • Maintains full system pressure while running in idle
  • Offers pump protection against pressure fluctuations and system changes
  • Minimum pressure fluctuations with the alternating use of multiple guns and nozzles
  • Top adjusting bolt and locking nut to secure exact pressure setting
  • No external moving parts. Stainless Steel, PEEK and FPM internal parts for temperature, wear and liquid compatibility
Common specifications
Maximum temperature: 80°C
Pressure range: 50 - 155 bar
Weight: 0.46 kg
Dimensions: 138 mm x 49 mm x 34 mm
All systems require both primary pressure regulating device (i.e., regulator, unloader) and a secondary pressure safety relief device (i.e. , pop-off valve, safety valve). Failure to install such relief devices could result in personal injury or damage to the pump or to system components. Kothar does not assume any liability or responsibility for the operation of a customers high pressure system.
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